Kimberly L. Weatherly, Ed.D.

Kimberly offers more than 18 years of experience in higher education. Her key accomplishments include directing a Student Leadership Program consisting of 150 students and a Peer Support Program for first year students.  Her non-traditional programs include the “Barbershop,” a male retention initiative; the “Salon,” a female retention initiative, and Paint It Black, a full fledge production that honors African American legends, and several programs that promote multicultural retention and collaboration with faculty and staff.  Her doctoral research was in the successful matriculation of African American males at predominantly White institutions of higher education.

As an educator Kimberly finds her work rewarding, why, “The students, the students, the students.” Kimberly emphasizes, “Every university I have been employed with, I have been blessed by interacting with students.  It is so rewarding when a student comes to you after three years and thanks you for something that you thought was simple but made a major impact on their life.” 

The ambitious and talented Dr. Weatherly also harbors ambitions to facilitate workshops and symposiums pertaining to multicultural matriculation and how to help student leaders to become positive role models for minorities and educate the majority.

Kimberly is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but now calls Chicago her home.  She is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and holds a Masters degree in Counseling & College Student Development from Hampton University, and has also earned a Doctor of Education degree from Benedictine University.  Her hobbies include travel, photography and reading.