The Lexi Lewis Club was created by Lexi Lewis as a branch of The Lexi Lewis Foundation. The concept is a result of her vision for supporting youth. 

Members of The Lexi Lewis Club have the opportunity to enhance their lives and receive affordable services in the arts and sports.    

The Lexi Lewis Club is a membership organization for ages 5 to 19, offering a wide array of opportunities with the help of our partnerships in the Central Florida community.

Prospective members can enroll in programs offered by private companies, non-profit organizations and municipalities. Once enrolled in partner programs, they can opt to be a club member entitling them to all the benefits of The Lexi Lewis Club.

With such a groundbreaking venture, it is definitely a community effort. Through partnerships within the Central Florida area, The Lexi Lewis Club members receive discounts at participating retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. 

Members will have the ability to apply for various available scholarships, attend member-only exclusive special events co-sponsored by The Lexi Lewis Foundation and our Central Florida businesses and municipalities. 

Additionally, each member will receive a quarterly newsletter. This will include articles, pictures and links to videos from past events, information about upcoming events, coupons for local businesses, and  video interviews of Hollywood artists and performers via email blasts.

If you are an organization, vendor or venue in the Central Florida area and would like to partner with The Lexi Lewis Foundation, please send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.    

Membership Benefits

The Lexi Lewis Club